Franklin High School - Class of 1990


who is coming?

Many friends are coming from far away to join our class in celebration after 20 years have passed. Don't miss your chance to connect with friendly faces from 20 years ago.

The following have placed their ticket orders and many will have guests attending with them as well:

Adam Sampson
Alaina Wine
Allison Arking Goldberg
Allison Wagner Kellner
Amy Gordon Glickman
Andrea Patrick Staiti
Ann-Marie Wilson Glodek
Barbara Elky
Brenda Miller
Cathy Carroll Lee
Chris Thomason
Christian Albright
Colm Kinna
Damian Fleming
Dan Levinson
Dave Shepherd
David Ansel
Denise Cline Kmiecik
Donald Chambers
Frank Ward
Freddie Joerger
Gary Goodman
Greg Moss
Greg Smithsimon
Harlan McNew O'Dunne
Holly Resau Wheatley
Jake Martin
Jason Schaefer
Jay Bosley
Jean Shipley
Jeff Senker
Jenn Sachs
Jennifer Houck Stem
Jill Boyd Trager
Jimmy Welsch
Joe Battle
John Hampton
John Woolford
Julie Francis
Karen Jones Layman
Kate Yates Towery
Kathleen Ramjohn Yorks
Kevin Mackrell
Kim Bekar Wagner
Kim Chimiel Wheeler
Kurt Straub
Laura Diltz Beletti
Laura Horstkamp Lebo
Laura Lampel Levin
Lisa Boan Henelde
Marcy Cooper Lipp
Marsha Schwinger Kissinger
Marty Listwan
Mike Whitlock
Pat Shirk
Rob Livermore
Ronald Dix
Ryan Pinson
Sandy Tilmes Broadbent
Scott Rubin
Scott Vandervoort
Sheryl Franks Turnbaugh
Stacye Zeisler Levin
Stephanie Gooch Weinstein
Susan Hughes Koch
Tammy Pinson Henelde
Tim Bradford
Todd Bonicker
Tracey Waugh Grumbach
Tracy Clark
Tom DiPietro

We'll update the list from time to time with new folks who have confirmed their ticket orders.

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